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Who Am I and Why Did I Create a Blog?

on September 26, 2013

Your guess is as good as mine. 

Let’s start with names. My name is Kerstyn.

Here’s a recent picture of me. It’s not the most flattering or professional, but I just now realized how little pictures I have featuring JUST me being…well, me.


I am a dietetic intern (soon to be Registered Dietitian, give me 8 and a half more months!) at National HealthCare Corporation. I am a food lover, a runner, and an expert at giggling. Hence, the title of my blog.

I have no business joining the blogging world. However, I went against the odds and did it anyways. Nothing that I say is ever going to be any more interesting, clever, or profound than anyone else’s blog. Really, I’m doing it for myself. I’ve always loved journaling (journalling?) – interesting, I could have sworn that was a word but neither of those spellings are right – and so I figured that starting a blog would be a good way to get back in the habit of journal-ing(?)…forget it, I give up. Even if nobody reads it! Which, trust me, in the beginning you probably won’t want to. 

My dream for this blog is to eventually fill it with pictures (by the way, I also love taking pictures), recipes, nutrition advice/reliable information, workouts and running tips, and just overall funny stories. Be patient with me in the beginning. Maybe for the whole first year. Who knows. We (I) will wing it! 


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